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foto bugil Dewi Astri

foto bugil Dewi Astri
inilah foto bugil artis Dewi Astri.sebenarnya ni foto tidak terlalu bugil sih,!tapi saya rasa ini sudah cukuplah untuk membuat agan ngiler !!jangan lupa sebelum nonton foto bugil Dewi Astri ,saya sarankan anda menyiapkan lap dulu untuk lap iler ya he....!!inilah foto bugil artis Dewi Astri

Dewi Astri Hot

Intimate Ratus Organ

With the spirit he later recalled, how do the crystal dermabrasion therapy. Dermabrasion or Microdermabrasion is a program to cut the dead skin cells on the face. Virgin skin layers simultaneously raised. Coincidence that the media used is crystal goddess.

"Like sandpaper, mini crystal is used to rub the skin layer or the dead skin cells. Just half an hour, the result of skin so much smoother and brighter," she said excitedly.

For three months he melakoni this therapy in a clinic in Cikarang area. The virgin birth is spoken in Jakarta, July 24, 1982, the packages offered range from the face alone to the entire body.

Dewi Astri Hot

Dewi Astri Hot

"I select the face alone. In the first week should come every day, then just once a week for a month. The price is starting from 3.5 million to tens of millions of dollars. Despite their place in the market, keep busy lho ... and that comes mainly from upper classes, "she said.

For body treatments such as scrubs, the Goddess used to do that every two weeks, at the salon or spa. If there is no shooting, she was at home all day caring for the body, from head to toe.

In fact, she was diligent in maintaining organ health ratus intimate with therapy. "It should be kept dong, especially now that a lot of strange diseases. Problem relative costs, because it depends on the chosen therapy and place," said the woman who budgeted cost of about three million rupiah per month to care for this body.

Except for dermabrasion, she admitted to not have a Salon subscription. Each place is believed to have the advantage and he can try.

Dewi Astri Hot

Dewi Astri Hot

Pure Fruit Juice

Maintain skin health and hygiene are some healthy lifestyle efforts. Problem eating, he felt no need to abstain. Strangely, despite frequent cholesterol foods like offal and meat, the results of medical check up revealed justu cholesterol below the normal figure.

"I also do not know why. But, that does not mean I'm so continue to eat meat and offal. Fearing another danger threatening," she said.

Three years ago he was on a diet by eating only apples and drink water. The results were quite satisfactory, but he was not accustomed breakfast transmissivity. Now, owners of weight 50 kg and height 164 cm is considered the breakfast was good. He also did not have to limit rice because all tailored to the needs. To be sure, every morning she used to drink pure fruit juice.

"Praise be to drink juice every day, as well as vegetables. If it was busy filming the morning I try to eat fruits and vegetables first. I liked the diverse mix of fruit juice, apples, strawberries, apukat, mango.'s Good, you know ... I want to try?" she asked.

Other side Dewi Astri

• Playing in soap operas and Jun Jin, Mystery, etc.. At the beginning of his career in the world of soap opera acting difficulty, while having to repeat a scene up to 20 times! tired deh!

• Clothing may be without the famous labels, but the shoe should be branded. Collection of about 45 pairs of shoes.

foto bugil Dewi Astri!!wek,wek!!ketipu wek!!hee...!!