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foto bugil Lusi Rachmawati

foto bugil Lusi Rachmawati
inilah foto bugil artis Lusi Rachmawati.sebenarnya ni foto tidak terlalu bugil sih,!tapi saya rasa ini sudah cukuplah untuk membuat agan ngiler !!jangan lupa sebelum nonton foto bugil Lusi Rachmawati ,saya sarankan anda menyiapkan lap dulu untuk lap iler ya he....!!inilah foto bugil artis Lusi Rachmawati

Lusi Rachmawati Profile :

Full Name: foto bugil Lusi Rachmawati
Nick Name: Lusi
Nationality: Indonesia
Place / Date of birth: Jakarta, January 4, 1977
Sign: Capricorn
Father's Name: R Syamsi Tiangso
Mother's Name: Dwi Lucky
Hobbies: collecting concert tickets
Education: Universitas Indonesia Sastra Perancis

One of the cases of the singer's divorce Lusy Rahmawati and Jose Purnomo currently begins to be open, one of them was Lusy porn photographs in several magazines, that were said act pornographic. These charges were at once denied by the lawyer Lusy, Mada R Mardanus, according to him the Lusy appearance in magazines mature this has been with the premission of the husband, the photograph not in magazines pornographic, that only in magazines mature, this matter also has been with the premission of the husband, she said.

foto hot Lusi Rachmawati toket

Lusi Rachmawati toket

Recorded by the Lusy action in the scene hot in the magazine started in Maxim photography, the edition on February 16 2007. Whereas for the right to take care of the lawyer Lusy hope for fell for his mother, "we hoped the judge considered the right in taking care of the child to our client, that usually the age right" of the "child is supervised 12 fell for the hands" of "his mother," he revealed.

Lusi Rachmawati FHM

Lusi Rachmawati FHM

in the meantime, Lusy Rahmawati, said that the divorce in his household, started from ketidak the skewer himself with Jose Purnomo, "I already three times, conferred with him, Jose's action already In the threshold the limit Patience ," said ex AB Three personnel. Not only that, Lusy admitted to working hard only to fulfil the family's economics, "when being pregnant 3 months, I was still working, in fact the location that was followed very far, that I work only for the family's economics," he complained.

Lusi Rachmawati FHM

Lusi Rachmawati FHM

Lusi Rachmawati FHM

Lusi Rachmawati Biography:

foto bugil Lusi Rachmawati!!wek,wek!!ketipu wek!!hee...!!